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It Must Be Spring!

One minute they were out back playing cars on the mulch pile. And, the next minute…

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Telling Stories

I grew up with a dad who loved to tell stories.  Fortunately, for my boys, he still does.  Recently, my dad has been telling the boys a story about two Native American boys, La-wa-no-kee-te-Leef and his little brother Wa-to-to-te-wana-Kai-oh-te. My dad has been telling this story chapter by chapter through the mail.  It is a […]

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It’s been six years since that day we kissed my mama’s body goodbye.   On that day, when her lively spirit was finally free of her dying body, she flew out that open window in her bedroom and joined the world. On Granny Creek Day we visit her out there. With intention, we retreat from […]

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