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For the Love of Mimi

This is Mimi.  But don’t remember her like this (except the smile).    Remember her in her kitchen…baking chocolate chip cookies, making toffee, roast beef, mashed potatoes and green salads with kidney and garbanzo beans on top.  Remember jello pudding with cool whip, canned peaches, apricot cobbler and mini pizzas.  And remember that old high […]

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The history lesson

A couple of days a week we have the honor of having our friend Ryan at our house after school.  She’s nine and we love her.  One day last week she and Leif came into the house from school engrossed in a deep conversation.  Turns out they were talking about the Civil War. Ryan is […]

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A different lens

My brother in law, Steve, took these pictures of the kids with the Hipstamatic camera app on his iphone. They’re cool pictures, right?  But taken with a regular camera would they have been so neat?  Perhaps.  Not only do these pictures make me want to get the cool Hipstamatic app on Dan’s iphone, but they […]

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Big Love for Bapa

This past weekend we celebrated Bill’s 70th birthday.  The arrival of Dan, the kids and I on Thursday night was the party Bill was expecting, but the arrival of the rest of his kids (minus a few spouses…you were missed, ladies!) was the surprise. For the special event, we made the trek to the family […]

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Snowy Times

We have been blessed with tons of snow this January.  This has meant a whole bunch of snow days to play, cook, read and enjoy the coziness (and craziness) of being together in our little home. When we have all been cooped up in our houses all day with our children, beer thirty comes early… […]

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So Big

Yesterday Kai said goodbye to “milkies”. Surrounded by good friends and a little ice cream, he seemed up for letting it go.

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